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The Man They Couldn't Kill, DJ Scrawny, Stokast -
Sample and Hold (Live Show)

Sample and Hold was a show at the Ship Inn featuring live performances by young electronic musicians from St. John's, Newfoundland. A part of the 2004 Sound Symposium.

From the show flyer:
Elling Lien and Ben Jackson (Stokast and DJ Scrawny) have been collaborating and co-conspiring in joint composition, live performance, and improvised radio experimentation since 1996. Stokast makes a fun and unpredictable brokenbeat. DJ Scrawny combines catchy melodies at a high BPM with dense and obsessive drum programming. Chris Browne, aka The Man They Couldn't Kill artfully produces beats and melodies that tend towards the down-tempo.

The Man They Couldn't Kill / Live Set 30.2M
DJ Scrawny / Live Set 21.5M
DJ Scawny, Stokast and Guests / Live Set 28.1M
Stokast and Guests / Live Set 19.3M

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