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Televishnu - Mantenna

Ambient with beats and some melodic elements. Drones, bloops, gated noise, and 808.

01. pritty
02. sable
03. severed
04. robotnik
05. rrrorror
06. aye-aye
07. stutter
08. tweedle
09. grasshopper
10. news

To download zipped album:
Hi-Fi [172.9M]

To stream entire album:
Hi-Fi Stream



"When I started listening to Televishnu - Mantenna on Polygon, I thought I might be in for something similar to Team Doyobi’s Choose Your Own Adventure, since Pritty sounds a lot like that kind of mix of old c64/Spectrum/videogame sounds and more modern electronic music. Mantenna quickly diverges, however, and generally sticks to catchy analog-sounding riffs with occasionally unpredictable rhythm programming.

"There are also slow, meandering tracks like Grasshoper and Aye-aye. Aye-aye even has 80’s style gated reverb on the drums, with sampled drums fluttering around in the background, making the track feel more dramatic. There’s other original and professional touches in Mantenna."

- Alex Young, Milieu

"Als erstes fand ich dieses Release hier vor und muss sagen: Hammer! Gefaellt mir extrem gut. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!" {google translation}

- Aljoscha Marcel Everding, comment on the net music watchdog DE:BUG POD

"Televishnu, Mantenna (The Polygon Network). Voici donc un autre wab qui propose essentiellement de la musique électronique, quoique pas tout le temps. On croise aussi un groupe de furieux Canadiens. Ce dernier projet, Televishnu, est plutôt intéressant, très classique toutefois. Inévitablement, on pense à des influences allemandes seventies, même si le nom du label évoque un peu Aphex Twin." {google translation}

- Lafresno's Livejournal