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Andrew Duke - Oscar The
Grouch (or Yes, The Dog Ate It)

Oscar The Grouch (or Yes, The Dog Ate It) is a collation of 3 live performance excerpts--listening-oriented material that varies from soothing to challenging. The album is named after our boxer/lab mix puppy and the titles of the sections (best to listen to the album with no space between the tracks) are a list of things he has tackled with his teeth.

01. Toni Was Found Pregnant And Abandoned In A Shed 2.8M
02. She Was Turned Into The SPCA Where She Had A Litter Of 5 4.2M
03. Oscar Oliver Duke Was Born 27 January 2004 2.0M
04. Like His Namesake He Loves Trash 2.1M
05. The Cunning Canine Also Loves To Chew 1.5M
06. Ten Dollar Bill Steak Knife 2.2M
07. Fast Food Ketchup Packet Bubble Gum 4.0M
08. Flower Pot Vinyl Siding Wallpaper 4.8M
09. Beans Lettuce Tomatoes Strawberries 2.7M
10. Photos Picture Frames 4.2M
11. Pillows Blankets Furniture 4.0M
12. Exercise Gear Remote Control 8.5M
13. Wedding_Ring_Tree Branches Rocks 5.3M
14. Bugs Spiders Worms 3.2M
15. Clothes Underwear Socks Footwear Gloves 7.0M
16. Records CDs Video Games 5.1M
17. Newspapers Magazines Paper Pens 6.5M
18. To Do Lists Unpaid Bills Receipts 2.8M
19. Of Course We Still Love Him Unconditionally 5.7M

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