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Alex Pearson - WSB

From the liner notes:

"All tracks distorted, processed, and composed by Alex Pearson.

"All source material is from William S. Burroughs last known spoken word recording. No external sound sources were used, and everything you hear was originally from the lips of William S. Burroughs.

"This album is meant to be a tribute to William S. Burroughs, one of the most prolific and disturbing writers of his time. This is my aural interpretation of a trip to Interzone through the mind of the man who invented it."

-- Alex Pearson, 2003

01. Heroin is a vitamin
02. Cynical depression
03. End of the world
04. Damn you all to hell
05. Words
06. Processed meat
07. Earth equals landfill
08. Herpes from a cigarette
09. Jesus was a pigfucker
10. Out of all the counter-cultures
11. The world gives no guarantee
12. Death as a transitional phase
13. Religion is an advert
14. Demons
15. Writer's block
16. Disappointment