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Windom Earle - A Series of Minor
Personal Tragedies

"Sid Vicious has bought a computer." - Starfrosch review of A Series of Minor Personal Tragedies

Read more about Windom Earle at www.windomearle.com.

01. Jesus (Why'd You Kill My Brother)? 3.4M
02. Touched By A Transvestite 3.6M
03. Physical Features 4.1M
04. Giant Lizards 3.1M
05. Where'd My Chickens Go? 4.4M
06. I Don't Want to Live This Way 4.3M
07. Screw Wave 3.8M
08. On The Floor 3.4M
09. Potato Potato4.9M
10. Mordecai 4.9M
11. Hey! Hey! Hey! 2.0M
12. Get On Into It 4.2M
13. Oh No (Oh No No No No No) 3.5M
14. Eat Again Part 1 5.2M

To download zipped album:

To stream entire album:
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