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Tokenrove and Retsyn - A Weekend in Sweden

Julian Squires and Matt Riche locked themselves in a basement full of old computers one weekend. They ate bad food. They made chiptunes.

01. Tokenrove - Weekend in Sweden 7.6M
02. Retsyn - Baroquenaphobia 3.8M
03. Retsyn - Raped by Elves 3.1M
04. Tokenrove - Space Fortress Cruisin' 3.7M
05. Tokenrove - Call in Tim Follin 5.7M
06. Tokenrove - A Sight for Sore Thumbs 6.6M
07. Retsyn - HighwayZak (Now Leaving Sweden) 6.7M
08. Tokenrove - Crimson to Black 1.4M
09. Tokenrove - Snail's Theme 1.7M

ZIP Download
M3U Stream

Click here to hear an interview with them about chiptunes, and about their Weekend in Sweden.


"Very nice. Die neue Polygonnetwork ist was für alle die sich unbedingt noch eine Nintendo DS kaufen müssen." {google translation}

- DE:BUG POD, the electronic netlabel watchdog.

"Tokenrove and Retsyn are responsible for the latest release on Polygon Network, a netlabel run by those responsible for the excellent Radio Free Polygon blog. It's a chiptune sound without any assault on the ears, and Snail's Theme in particular is exquisite - a cross between the more melodic BBC Radiophonic stuff and the Tetris theme. It's one of those tunes you leave it on repeat and just turn the volume up a bit when it starts again. Baroquenaphobia sounds very authentic - it could quite easily have been featured in something involving beards and dragons on the NES"

- Dozerblog