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Paranerd - Robot Bank Appreciation

A wonderful new collection of tunes from Moncton's biggest lover of the sine wave, Paranerd. If peaceful melody makes you happy, then you should hear this.

I've had this album on repeat in my playlist for days, and I've gone from being a sad person living on the street to being an emotionally balanced millionaire who lights his cigars with five dollar bills.

01. paranerd - blue and yellow egg MP3 (4.9M)
02. paranerd - all the sorrys won't matter MP3 (4.2M)
03. paranerd - drench squab MP3 (4.6M)
04. paranerd - mystery date MP3 (4.6M)
05. paranerd - mowl MP3 (3.8M)
06. paranerd - playin' MP3 (4.6M)
07. paranerd - subtle imagining MP3 (3.9M)

PS: This is really a great album. Download it.
PPS: My music reviews are getting worse and worse.