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Sleepy Rabbit - A Single Little Elephant EP

A peaceful trip through the wobbly, beat-driven mind of the Sleepy Rabbit.

From the notes: "Dust sensors have destroyed the last few specks on the poor rabbit's little record. They've surrounded him now and are moving for the kill. His only smooth hope now-- a sudden slow motion sleep strike. His last escape might be a single little elephant."

I'm not sure I understand the liner notes, but hey, with music this dreamy, who's concerned about coherent meaning?

01. sleepy rabbit - forest engulfed MP3
02. sleepy rabbit - how are you enjoying it? MP3
03. sleepy rabbit - jumping jupiter MP3
04. sleepy rabbit - loaded headphones MP3
05. sleepy rabbit - new tall trees MP3
06. sleepy rabbit - the tropic of cancer MP3
07. sleepy rabbit - still able to walk away from the battle MP3
08. sleepy rabbit - serene scene MP3

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