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The Dry Heeves - ...And I'll Call Rusty

"The Dry Heeves take musical bits from cultures around the world, and try to find ways to put them together in which no one else would. Some tracks are intended to be pure silliness, but others take on a more serious feel and attempt to make strong statements. It gives a breadth and depth to what they are doing in an experimental genre that is often overlooked." (Laura B. - Sublevel 203)

"The Dry Heeves are cultural analysts who use electronic music as their dissemination medium of choice. Under the direction of C. MacDonald and J. D. MacNeil, the Dry Heeves hail from Meat Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Their meditatively eccentric compositions can be overwhelming at first, but once assimilated, they become invigorating, cleansing, genuinely hilarious and frequently gratifying. Shifting from rock to pop, to tribal, to folk, to metal, to ambient, to noise and to full-blown electronica, the Dry Heeves take the listener on a bizarre journey that is laughable, disturbing, and strange."

01. The Dry Heeves - Agent Purple 3.9M
02. The Dry Heeves - Still Life I 9.7M
03. The Dry Heeves - Dats All She Wrote Bye 3.8M
04. The Dry Heeves - Auld Anxiety 5.1M
05. The Dry Heeves - Still Life II 2.3M
06. The Dry Heeves - Under My Chin 2.3M
07. The Dry Heeves - Guerre 5.2M
08. The Dry Heeves - Still Life III 2.2M
09. The Dry Heeves - The Girl In The Blue Velvet Van 3.9M
10. The Dry Heeves - Still Life IV 3.7M
11. The Dry Heeves - Love Song 2.8M
12. The Dry Heeves - The Chant At The End Of I Am The Walrus 2.8M
13. The Dry Heeves - Still Life V 8.3M
14. The Dry Heeves - J.C. and the Dirty Dozen 4.8M
15. The Dry Heeves - Still Life VI 3.7M
16. The Dry Heeves - Ballad of the Giant Squid 6.2M
17. The Dry Heeves - Still Life VII 4.0M
18. The Dry Heeves - Voicemail Blues.mp3 5.7M
19. The Dry Heeves - Still Life VIII 12.5M
20. The Dry Heeves - 6046 North Street 7.8M

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